Walking in the World as a Friend


“What does a Quaker do that makes one a Quaker?” This book offers suggestions discussed at the Quaker Religious Education Committee 2019 (see description below).



Three Key Quaker Roles:

  • Minister: nurturing our inward lives
  • Steward: shaping our outward lives
  • Witness: expressing faith and practice in our public lives, with five accompanying videos

Experiences and the Experiment of the Spirit:

  • Convincement and Conviction: Quakers experience the Living Spirit that speaks to our human condition in every person, every moment, everywhere.
  • Experiment with Spirit in Daily Life through human faculties of love, conscience and discernment

Religious Society of Friends: Essential Quaker Structures. The Spirit transforms individuals, tested in their community that are tested with other communities, that reveals societal guidance to shape the lives of individuals. This creates a regenerative ecology of practice.

Quaker Religious Education Collaborative comments:

  • This book and video series “encourages Friends to move beyond a cognitive faith into an experiential, everyday, in-every-way kind of Quaker faith—walking in this world as a Friend.” ~ Beth Collea
  • “Amazing work capturing the true essence of Quakerism in words that speak across various experiences- radical, unsettling, real. I like the insistence that talking about it is not the same as experiencing it.” ~ Marty Grundy
  • “This is profound, brilliant work.” ~ Sita Diehl

Author: Nadine C Hoover
Language: English
Type: Paperback
Length: 72 pages
Dimensions: H: 9″ x W: 6”
Publisher: Conscience Studio Published
Date: September 1, 2020
ISBN-13: 978-0-9828492-7-9


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