Companion Groups Workshop

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Ongoing Training

  • 2nd Friday evenings, 7–9pm USA/Canada time and Saturday mornings in Asia in March, July and November
  • July Fri/Sat start: 4p Pacific, 7a Manila, 9a Sydney, 11a Auckland
  • Nov & March Fri/Sat start: 4p Pacific, 8a Manila, 11a Sydney, 1p Auckland


These workshops refresh active practitioners, strengthens new groups, and orients newcomers. We offer three types of events:

  1. Introductory Workshops available for a local region on request, contact Nadine at
  2. Companioning Skills Workshops for members of groups globally in March, July, and Nov.
  3. Local Companion Group Gatherings self-organized to share and discern in Jan, May, and Sept.

MaterialsHandouts, watch these free videos or optionally you may purchase Walking in the World as a Friend [link to that page]

Register for Zoom link: For your Zoom link register at:

Facilitators: Nadine Hoover, Joann Neuroth, Cassie Cammann and Mark Hoover

Who attends this workshop?
Individuals may attend to learn about this practice or to start a new companion group. Teens and adults come from peace and justice movements, Quaker Meetings, and other religious, interfaith, community or counseling groups in North America, Asia, or other areas. Some or all of your companion group members are encouraged to attend. Interested pre-teens are welcome.

Who facilitates this workshop?
Facilitators participate in their own companion groups and organize local community gatherings of companion groups for discernment in their area. If you would like to facilitate, contact Nadine Hoover at

What are Companion Groups?
People who meet as companions. 2-4 members who are mutually committed to experimenting with being inwardly guided — by Spirit, Transforming Power, or love and conscience, as expressed in their own words — to change and shape their lives. Groups meet regularly, every 1-3 weeks for 1-2 hours and divide the time to give each person equal time in turn.

What are local communities gathering of companion groups for discernment?
Companion groups are self-organizing and administering. Multiple groups in a local area are encouraged to gather every four months to hear how the groups in their area: 1) approach this practice and what is arising among them. 2) exchange reflection and feedback and 3) rearrange groups and membership, valuing both short-term and long-standing groups.


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